Getting over Enterprise Concerns About DevOps

Given the column inches devoted to DevOps you might be forgiven for thinking that it is the predominant model for developing applications. For cloud-native applications and mega-scale players like Google, Facebook and Amazon this is probably the case. However, in the enterprise, DevOps is only just beginning to reach maturity. Read More

Moving beyond the Big Data pilot

The 4th prediction from XebiaLabs about DevOps in 2017 relates to the growth of big data projects and the challenges that will bring around testing, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Certainly, Big Data is big news and this article from Forbes magazine summarises the almost universal view from analysts that the market is set for significant growth. Read More

The Analytics and Monitoring Challenge in DevOps

In a recent blog we highlighted the need for a different set of metrics to assure the enterprise that DevOps is delivering genuine business value. While there has been a focus on producing more end-user related metrics, the blurring of the lines between development and operations, the increased volume of releases and the ever-decreasing development cycle times, all pose a risk to existing governance and security tools and controls. Read More