Manage Transformation

We help firms design and implement change programs. We improve performance, strengthen capability, and align behaviour to meet the organisation’s strategic aspirations

Aligning the organisation for success

All firms are driven by software. The Cloud has enabled delivery of new technology solutions in weeks not years. The ways we use technology in our personal lives, in work and in society has fundamentally changed the face of business and will continue to do as at an ever-accelerating pace. This requires an exponentially increasing rate of transformation in every firm.

Our approach aligns People, Process and Technology to deliver, assure and sustain the firm’s strategic outcomes.

Create Exceptional Performance

  • Build Capability
  • Collect Data
  • Strengthen Behaviour
  • Automate Testing
  • Constantly Deliver
  • Measure Success


Impact of Digital Business Transformation

Most change initiatives are happening at an unheard-of rate and are either technology-enabled or technology-driven. A fully aligned and holistic digital transformation programme also touches on:

  • Business Activities
  • Business Processes
  • Business Ecosystems and Partnership Models
  • Asset Management
  • Company Culture

Our Approach

We employ a 7-step process to managing and assuring the success of your Digital Transformation programme:

  1. Define the change strategy and align with the Roadmap
  2. Benchmark current capabilities
  3. Define the Project Management and Workflow approach
  4. Define the resourcing requirement and create the business case
  5. Identify and enable change agents
  6. Define a measurement framework
  7. Iteratively implement the change programme

Focus on Results NOT Activities

Why engage Percipience?

There are a myriad of firms offering Digital Transformation services. Unlike many new technology consultancies, we have strong Board level experience. We focus on business goals and ensure complete understanding of the IT tasks to be done. We bring together strong transformation management and project management experience, data driven assessment and assurance processes and a wide knowledge of modern Agile and DevOps technologies, to manage and mitigate the risks of change.

We deliver genuine creativity combined with clear metrics and a tangible return on your investment.

Are you spending money on IT just to stand still? Would you like to find out how you can free up some of this spend to use on initiatives that move the needle for your business?