Architect Change

Why is a winning strategy no longer good enough?

The world is becoming more complex. The rate of change is accelerating.  We work with you to:

  • Drive commercial innovation
  • Build digital solutions,
  • Create modernisation strategies,
  • Optimise your firm’s capabilities,
  • Drive Growth, and
  • Manage risk.

Survival requires:

  • The correct strategy,
  • The appropriate tactical response,
  • Execution across the entire organisation.

Why do you need our help?

The speed of change caused by the Cloud and modern software development techniques is delivering new digital technology that has changed the approach to strategic transformation. Most change initiatives are happening at an unheard-of rate and are either technology-enabled or technology-driven.

Managing the “As-Is” is often all consuming resulting in stagnation. Percipience will give you the space to innovate. We will deliver a roadmap for the future and guide you to successful outcomes that will move the needle for your firm.

Impact of change

  • The Cloud has enabled delivery of new technology solutions in weeks not years.
  • Aggregated data can predict market activity and deliver more efficient customer service.
  • Back-Office systems are now accessible by customers

Assuring the desired outcomes

Successful strategy creation requires assessing opportunities for change from several perspectives. Assessing benefits and impacts establishes the collaboration strategy for the entire organisation to assure the desired outcome.

A Structured Approach

We deliver a structured approach to achieving alignment that avoids making investments in solutions that deliver increased complexity and risk.

We use a standard reference model to understand your business and build a picture of both the current and desired operating models. We help identify and focus on areas of opportunity to generate agile digital business models and drive transformation.

“What is” vs. “What could be”

Our model looks at how your business operates and could be transformed from four perspectives:

  • Environment,
  • Risk,
  • Compliance, and
  • Value Proposition

We offer a methodology based around a set of tools and techniques to describe how external factors and internal objectives impact your business. It provides a clear picture of “what is” and “what could be”.

Would you like to free-up capital to invest in new initiatives that will disrupt your market and deliver fresh revenue?