About Us


In May 2012, four friends founded a company called Percipience, with a mission to help people embrace technology, improve their business processes and ultimately become more disruptive in their market. Starting work from a home office with one client, we can proudly say half a decade later, we have worked in a multitude of countries across the globe, from England, Japan, USA, Spain and many more countries in between.  As time has progressed and the cultures and time zones have grown, our mission has never faltered. We are here to help you succeed and become more disruptive in your market. We will use technology as an enabler to your success.

Peter Borner

Managing Director

Experienced Board level executive. Management consultant driving growth and business change through business transformation and digital first strategies.


Get modernisation and digital transformation right and your company will be more efficient, more agile, and positioned to deliver innovative products and services through multiple channels.

People, Process and Technology are at the heart of your business. We ensure that our solutions focus on how your business aspires to operate. We will help you design and implement change programs, improve your performance, strengthen your capability, and align your behaviours to meet your strategic vision. And if your vision isn’t that clear, we can help bring the clarity you need to achieve the growth you deserve.

We work to make technology work for you.


Helping you succeed is what drives us forward.

Whether that’s helping to improve your processes, embrace the cloud, move to a more agile approach, or helping you to become more disruptive in your market. Sharing and enjoying your success is why Percipience exists.

We have found our why.


By understanding your business challenges, pain points and culture we baseline your current state. We call that the “As-Is”. Then we work with you to build a road map to your desired state, the “to-Be”. Finally we define and agree a measurement framework to ensure you always know how we are progressing towards the “To-Be”. Our Transformation Managers report against the framework every time the team iterates. The key is open and transparent communications across key stakeholders and all members of the transformation team thus assuring the success of your transformation.

We have developed a methodology based around a set of tools and techniques to describe how external factors and internal objectives impact your business. Our proprietary scorecards allow us to observe and record hundreds of specific measures which when viewed in the aggregate allow even subjective measures to be analysed and grouped to create measurable objective patterns.

What truly separates us from the crowd, is our experience. We are experts in technology modernisation. This expertise has been developed by working across all areas of the enterprise, from Board level through to development and operational teams.

Use our knowledge as your power.

Some of our clients:

Would you like to free-up capital to invest in new initiatives that will disrupt your market and deliver fresh revenue?